About the Horse – College Blvd

Photo of a Bank of the Prairie Horse Statue

Legend of the Prairie. A Bank Draft Horse.

This Draft Horse was a commission by Bank of the Prairie in Olathe for its new bank building on College Blvd. A work horse was deemed appropriate because of its association with the progress and hard work ethic of the early plains culture. I used a lot of very old farm old industrial tools and 19th century, and early 20th century artifacts of all kinds that show a progression on up to the 1940’s when the draft horse was pretty thoroughly replaced by machinery. The old adding machines, safe parts etc. are early bank equipment. I feel some affection for this guy, as he and I were involved in his growth for quite some time. I like to think there’s some powerful energy in there, vestiges of an actual Clydesdale. I had bought a Clydesdale/Percheron mix filly a bit before the start of this project and she’s grown to look a lot like him. Finished in March 2008.

Guinotte Wise, Artist

Wagon wheel wrenches
Adding machines
.44 cal. revolver
40’s cap gun
50’s cap gun
30’s noisemaker
Notary seal
License plates (KS) 1924, 25, 36
Model T running board section
Buggy step
Hames (3)
Hay scythe
Grass scythes (4)
Hatchets (3)
Coin dispenser
Type stick
Corn knives (2)
Cameras (3)
Branding iron
Hog ring pliers
Rifle barrel
Antique C-clamp
Antique wrenches (numerous)
Antique pliers
Numerous horse bridal bits, tack
Antique fire extinguishers (2)
Antique drills
Coca Cola bottle opener
Arcade bottle opener
Marx toy racer
Antique tools (unidentified, 20 to 30)
Coin purse
Stove tools
Stove lids
Victorian fence part
Safe door piece
Teller cage locks (4)
Telegraph key
Gaslight key
Barn pulleys (3)
Farrier tools
Old keys
Carpenter’s square
Large antique hand auger
Antique yankee drills
Handmade kitchen knife
Old drill bits
Old scale
Cash register pop-up numbers
Chrome portable 40’s radio (RCA)
Long-handled molten metal ladle
Old grappling hook
Pocket watch
Antique lantern
Barn hinges
Barber’s razor (closed)
1900 monkey wrench
1800’s forge tool
Cast iron horse coin bank
Antique oiler can
Harley ServiCycle hubcap
VW chrome bumpers
Display chrome from Mission Mall
Antique braces & bits
Austrian scythe
Antique tire rim tool
Antique crimping tool
Hood Ornaments
Electriliner chrome fender ornament