About the Horse – 151st St

Photo of a Bank of the Prairie 151st Horse Statue

Legend of the Prairie. A Bank Draft Horse.

This is the second draft horse that Bank of the Prairie has commissioned, the first being at their College Blvd. location. Both horses exemplify the determination, grit and hard work ethic of the early prairie culture and today’s. What’s changed is the technology used to transmute that work into product; in the bank’s case it encompasses security, speed, access, service and much more, which I tried to depict with devices old and new, gears, pulleys, mechanisms, and machines. I also sprinkled in liberal helpings of history using Kansas signs and license plates, prairie artifacts and old banks and tools. When I work on a piece like this it takes shape in a way I can’t explain, much less control. I hope it projects the power of the plains icon it’s intended to personify, and the energy and hard work of the people of both that era and today.

Guinotte Wise, Artist

Wagon wheel wrenches
50’s toy Buick
40’s electric train caboose
Various coin banks from banks around the US
Vintage clocks
Toy Corvair, 60’s
Bumpers 30’s and 40’s cars
Chrome from 8 VW bumpers
Railway Express sign
Kansas Bankers sign
Tin cigar boxes
Antique tools
Two bronze draft horses (by artist)
Old Chevy grille
Notary seals
Adding machines
Typewriter parts
Harley taillights
David Bradley tractor hood
Antique springs
Model T running board pieces
Polaroid and older cameras
Tin Royal Crown sign
KS and MO plates 20’s, 30’s, 60’s
Mercury side lights
Tonka Toys
Iron toy Model T pickup
Antique auto horns
Alarm gong bells
Antique projector
Movie camera old 8mm
Camel cigarette sign, 30’s
Vintage bicycle parts
Antique check protector
Toy adding machine
Vintage pulleys, gears, wheels
Motorcycle drive chains
Various circuit boards, computer parts
Chrome fixture parts
Finned head from motor
Small motors
Vintage sewing machine parts
Tool boxes, old and recent
Jacuzzi parts 50’s
Horse bits
Vintage Electrolux
Vintage horse trailer toy
Old soda signs
Junction boxes
Coin op parts
Parts of farm implementsRailway Express sign 1940’s
Kansas Bankers Soil Conservation Award sign 1975
Lionel caboose 1930’s
Buick toy, 50’s
Harley exhaust pipes
Motorcycle chain, various
Sprockets, gears, bearings
VW chrome bumpers
Toy banks, new and vintage
Adding machines, vintage
Check writers, antique
Two bronze draft horses (by artist, 2009)
Vintage radio parts
KS license plates, 20’s to 60’s
Vintage clocks, gauges
Old Tonka Toys
Antique tools
Chrome medical device
Prairie Farmer No Trespass signs
Polaroid Camera 50’s
Camels and Phillip Morris signs, 40’s
Computer parts
Model T Truck toy
Traffic signs, old and new
Electrolux vacuum body
40’s car bumper guards
Old car horn
John Bradley tractor engine cover
Old bike chain guards
Electric motors, parts
Radio vacuum tubes
Vintage welding torch
30’s train transformer
Motorcycle taillights
50’s aftermarket parking lights
Convex car mirror, old
Vintage chemistry set panel
Antique projector parts


Bank of the Prairie’s 151st St. branch is proud to be a Partner In Education with Madison Place Elementary School. The students at Madison Place completed a writing assignment during the 2015-2016 school year where the teachers encouraged and challenged them to engage their creative skills to name our horse! The students voted and selected Alex’s story and the name, “Sam.” So ladies and gentlemen, we would like to formally introduce our horse, Sam!


The Friendly Horse


Once upon a time there was a kid named Alex. Alex loved science, but he didn’t get to do any assignments at home. So he thought and thought until he found something that he could build; it was a horse used by old junk parts. He didn’t know where to get the junk parts. Then one day Alex went up to his mom and said, “mom where could I find some stuff that we aren’t using any more?” and she responded with “the basement”. Alex got scared because the basement is super-duper dark like when you close your eyes.

Slowly Alex crept downstairs and he heard a sqeak. Alex turned around nobody was behind him. Slowly he took another step again heard the sqeak, then he jerked his head back at the door but this time he realized it was the steps that were sqeaking! When he finally made it downstairs he was saying in his head, “it’s going to be okay, it’s not like something is going to pop out at me.” So when he kept on walking forward he screeched only because Santa Claus was in his way!

When he found the junk he ran upstairs to his room and when he was still catching his breath when his mom yelled “ready for dinner?” Then Alex went downstairs and ate as fast as he could. Then he rushed straight up to his room. He sat down in his desk and started cranking and tinkering. All of that work made him tired so he went to bed. The next day in about five hours of work he was finished and it looked amazing I Alex went downstairs, but when he took his firststep he heard another step right behind him. Alex looked backwards he stayed facing the horse and took another step backwards and the horse did to. Alex had to hide this. The next day he had school but how was he going to get to school with the horse following around?

Alex got an idea. Then he tried it and it worked no sign of the horse at all, but he did notice that his backpack got more heavy. He ignored it and went to school when he got there he could barely put his bag into the locker. Today it was their Halloween party. After he had to do all of his boring work it was time for the party. He opened his bag and saw the horse, so Alex quickly zipped his bag back up. The Halloween party started, when it was over he went running home.When he got there he didn’t know what to do about trick or treating. When he went outside the horse was with him. When he met up with he said “dude what’s trailing behind you?” Alex had a moment of silence then he answered with a “let’s go trick or treating!”

When he stopped at the first house he got candy then the horse took it from Alex’s basket and gave it to his friend. Alex went rushing home with tears in his eyes. The next day at school he couldn’t hide the horse so he decided to share it with the class. He went to the front of the room and showed them the horse. During his speech a kid sneezed so the horse got the kid a tissue. Now Alex realizes that the horse does good deeds. Then Alex thought he needed a name and he thought he could call it Sam. From now on Alex had a pal right by his side for the rest of his life and a good helper not just for him but for other people.