Identity Theft Insurance

Bank of the Prairie cares about the safety and security of our customers’ credit and identity, and that is why we have chosen to provide you with the Assurant Red Flag Solutions program. You are a complimentary member of this program as a customer of Bank of the Prairie, and the best part is, we pay the fees and there is NO COST TO YOU!!

The program benefits include:

  • Identity Theft Recovery — A dedicated ID Recovery Specialist will manage your identity theft investigation from start to finish, filing necessary documents and providing ongoing personalized support until the case is resolved.
  • Document Replacement — Provides personalized replacement assistance if documents are stolen or lost due to fire, flood, or other disasters.
  • Credit Monitoring Assist — Provides assisted access to your credit reports.
  • Member Education Website — Gives you access to a credit education portal with the most up-to-date information and advice on how to avoid identity theft.
  • Crisis Preparation Kit — Ensures ease-of-access to your personal documents in the event of a loss, theft, or disaster.

Identity theft is a serious crime that can affect many aspects of your life. Bank of the Prairie also offers additional benefits to further protect you from identity theft and compliment your existing program benefits, bringing you the right protection when you need it most.

Please visit your member website at to begin using your complimentary benefits today.

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