Cash Management Services

We have all heard the adage “Work smarter, not harder”. That is where Bank of the Prairie Cash Management services shine. Bank of the Prairie offers online Cash Management services tailored to each business’s needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to managing your business, simply choose the options that will help you operate more efficiently.

  • Remote Deposit: quickly and securely scan checks from your office for deposit into any of your Business accounts.
  • Real-time transactions, balances, and summaries
  • Create and manage permission levels for each individual login to view, draft, and/or authorize transactions
  • Direct deposit payroll with simple payroll file upload (Quickbooks, Great Plains, and other business accounting software)
  • Upload ACH Receipt and Payment Batches
  • Pay bills with streamlined ACH payments process
  • ACH Upload for payroll, payments and receipts
  • Transfer money from other financial institutions into your accounts with ACH receipts
  • Initiate Wire Transfers
  • Schedule re-occurring or one time transfers between your accounts
  • Initiate Stop Pays
  • Cash/Coin Orders
  • Transaction and image search by multiple criteria
  • Account data can be exported to popular financial management applications such as Quicken, and Microsoft Money, plus comma separated (.csv) files for use in Microsoft Excel