Debit card fraud is on the increase. Bank of the Prairie is actively monitoring all debit card transactions for fraud indicators. Although we cannot stop all fraud we are deploying all resources available to verify irregular or uncommon transactions based on historical information. Please keep us informed if you plan to use your card while traveling outside the local area. We can help you expedite this process by knowing where transactions will be originated.

History of the Bank

1914 The First National Bank of Beattie in Beattie, Kansas was founded as a locally owned, community bank to serve the needs of this north-central Kansas farming community. By the end of the year, bank’s total assets were $86,000.
1928 Bank assets reached $167,000 prior to the Great Depression.
1932 Bank survived the Great Depression, but the other local bank didn’t. Bank assets shrank to $107,000.
1966 Makalous family purchases bank.
1979 Nutt family purchases bank. Bank assets are approximately $2 million.
1984 Name changed to Marshall County Bank of Beattie.
2000 Group of local investors led by Robert M. Wiley purchases bank. Bank assets are approximately $6 million.
2001 Bank opens branch in Olathe, Kansas on 151st Street.
2002 Name changed to Bank of the Prairie. Bank main office transferred to Olathe, Kansas.
2006 Bank reaches $100 million in assets.
2008 Opened second bank in Olathe, Kansas at College Boulevard and K-7.
2014 Bank will celebrate its 100th anniversary.