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History of the Bank

1914 The First National Bank of Beattie in Beattie, Kansas was founded as a locally owned, community bank to serve the needs of this north-central Kansas farming community. By the end of the year, bank’s total assets were $86,000.
1928 Bank assets reached $167,000 prior to the Great Depression.
1932 Bank survived the Great Depression, but the other local bank didn’t. Bank assets shrank to $107,000.
1966 Makalous family purchases bank.
1979 Nutt family purchases bank. Bank assets are approximately $2 million.
1984 Name changed to Marshall County Bank of Beattie.
2000 Group of local investors led by Robert M. Wiley purchases bank. Bank assets are approximately $6 million.
2001 Bank opens branch in Olathe, Kansas on 151st Street.
2002 Name changed to Bank of the Prairie. Bank main office transferred to Olathe, Kansas.
2006 Bank reaches $100 million in assets.
2008 Opened second bank in Olathe, Kansas at College Boulevard and K-7.
2014 Bank will celebrate its 100th anniversary.